Sealed Burner

Flexible Cut-out

Tempered Glass

Rubber Legs Attached

Flexible Cut Out Size

The hob is able to fit into a range of cut-out dimension as stated without requiring further modification to your counter top.

Good as a replacement hob!

Elegant Knobs

The gas ignites automatically with one push and a turn, offering the convenience of using one hand to control the flame.

Versatile Flame Settings With Simmer

Perfect flame control, with powerful, controllable and even heating, providing the ideal setting to cook your favourite Asian dishes.

Safety Device

Cuts off the gas supply in the event of flame being extinguished.

Easy to Clean

Glass surface is easy to clean with a simple wipe to remove the spills.


Sealed Burner

Prevents any overflowing liquid from spilling into the inner compartment of the gas hob.

Tempered Glass

Durable and easy to clean.


Rubber Legs Attached

The attached rubber legs allow you to place the hob directly on the kitchen workspace, without having to cut a hole or modify the kitchen top.


Surface Tempered Glass
No. of Burner 2
Gas Input
L/R: 4.5kW
Gas Type LPG
Power Supply Battery ignition
Control Panel Knobs
Safety Device Yes
Pan Support Matt Enamel
Flexible Cut-Out Yes
Product Weight
Product Size
(W x D x H) (cm)
88 x 52 x 14.5
Cut-Out Size
(W x D) (cm)
70.5-84 x 40.5-48
Package Weight
Package Size
(W x D x H) (cm)
93 x 57 x 20


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Product Video

Looks Nice. Fit Right for Most Kitchen Top Cut-Out.

Rinnai’s Flexi Hob Series is THE best replacement hob as it can fit into a range of kitchen top without requiring further modification to your counter top.