R10 Radius Angle

304 Stainless Steel

Corrosion Resistant

Heat Resistant

Overmount / Undermount Installation

Flexible installation from above the counter or below the counter for less visibility.

Global Quality Standards

Used in most food processing equipment in the Food & Beverage Industry (F&B) throughout the world, the 304 Grade Stainless Steel is exceptionally durable and distinctly quiet against the impact of running tap water. It’s splendid corrosion-resistant properties help to retain its long-lasting, pristine appeal.

Contemporary & Practical Design

The ‘R10 Radius Angle’ is designed to accentuate the aesthetics and to specifically maximize the space of the sink bowl. This is evidently a complementary feature, that allows for tremendous ease of usage and cleaning.

The Lines That Matter

The minimalistic ‘Crossed Lines’ are subtly set at a strategic angle; allowing for smooth and swift flow of water to be completely drained from the sink. Hence you can get more done in less time and keep your kitchen sink clean without water residue, which could lead to gradual staining.

Safe & Environmental-Friendly

Overflowing of the kitchen sink is not only a nuisance but also a potential hazard. The ‘Overflow Protection’ which drains water safely out of the sink is a definite advantage to have in any modern kitchen.

Trapping Food Waste

Designed to prevent your kitchen sink from clogging and also keep your home hygienic, the ‘Basket Waste’ is essentially a strainer that effectively prevents food waste from going down the drain pipe which is one of the main causes of pestilent kitchen odor.


Type Handcrafted
No of Bowl Double
Installation Type Overmount / Undermount
Material Stainless Steel
Finishing Satin
Accessories Waste Basket (X-018-114), PVC Pipe (P-12)
Radius R10
Thickness 1.2
Bowl Width
35, 45
Bowl Depth
Bowl Size
(L x W)
Big (45 x 40), Small (35 x 40)
Product Size
(L x W)(cm)
87 x 44
Undermount Cut-Out Size
(W x D x H)(cm)
83 x 40 (R10 mm)
Overmount Cut-Out Size
(W x D x H)(cm)
85 x 42 (R10 mm)


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