PEX Hose


304 Stainless Steel

Lead-Free Stainless Steel

LED Filter Indicator

Enhanced Streamlined Function

You can now have a kitchen faucet with revolutionary features. At your command, is the dual-function avant-garde faucet with dual water outlets. Easily navigate between hot and cold water specifically for washing, and filtered water for drinking (separate outlet) all in a single streamlined faucet.


This is to allow for an ideal ratio between air and water to be achieved; resulting in high efficiency of aerated water flow.

Technologically Advanced LED Filter Indicator

The LED indicator is an integral part of the faucet. It is to indicate the lifespan of the filter cartridge of your water filter system. The battery powered LED indicator is able to last up to 10 years, depending on usage. (Blue indicates Good, Red indicates To Replace)

Install in A Jiffy – “Quick & Easy Fit”

You don’t have to be a handyman with special tools to install the faucet. With our innovative “E-Fit” system, it can easily be fitted in to time by virtually any adult at home. That’s how convenient it is to get this state-of-the-art faucet fitted.

Compatible with Most Filter System

Simply connect the dedicated hose within the faucet to the water filter system of your choice. With this ‘3-FLOW Filtration Mixer’ (3-in-1) faucet, unsightly water filter hoses dangling around in the kitchen is a thing of the past.

“Top Mount” Fitting

With the E-Fit system in place, installing the faucet can be done ever so easily by mounting it from the top, as opposed to the arduous conventional way of having it mounted from below the kitchen sink. Now, that’s precision engineering at work.

PEX Flexible Hose

Encased in 305 Grade Stainless Steel, this flexible ‘Cross-Linked Polyethylene’ (PEX) hose, together with the ‘brass-forged’ lock nut, has a prolonged lifespan. It is corrosion and chemical resistant and is able to withstand high water temperature. Most importantly, it is odor-free and safe for drinking water.


Type 3-flow filteration mixer
Material Stainless Steel
Finishing Hairline Finishing
Spout Shape 7
Cartridge 35mm Ceramic, 1/4 Turn Stainless Steel
Hose 304 stainless steel PEX flexible hose
Tap Hole Ø 35mm
Installation Pillar


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Type Faucet

3-flow filteration mixer

Material Faucet

Stainless Steel

Finishing Faucet

Hairline Finishing

Spout Shape



304 stainless steel PEX flexible hose

Tap Hole

Ø 35mm

Installation Faucet