Extra Soft & Fluffy

With a large capacity drum, it dries while feeding plenty of warm air unique to gas, so the fiber rises from the root and finishes comfortably.

Speedy And Economical

Gas heats up the air intake much quicker than electricity, and needs only half the time required by electric dryers to dry the same load, giving you long term energy savings of about 20%.

Easy Operation

A computerized user-friendly control panel offers the ease of one-touch operations. There are programs for different fabrics and, with the built-in sensor, there’s no need to set a timer for best drying results.

Programs for Different Functions

There are 5 different courses to choose from depending on your needs.

Cool Operation

Once drying is complete, the temperature is automatically lowered inside the drum to reduce chances of spontaneous combustion from the high heat.

Eliminate Odour & Bacteria

Moraxella fungus is a airborne bacteria that causes offensive odour in laundry that are not dried properly, especially when dried indoors. The high heat of the gas dryer is able to suppress the growth of the bacteria to eliminate the odour.

Works All Year Round

You don’t have to worry about the weather, or even air pollution, anymore!


Ideal for Baby Clothes

Our dryer demonstrates the same level of disinfection effect as sun-dried sun. Moreover, since there is no need for external drying, there is no worry that particulates such as dust and exhaust gas will adhere.

Reduce Wrinkles

Even with the operation of the standard course, drying with a large amount of air at once makes natural and wrinkles grow, saving you time of ironing.

Easy Maintenance of Filter

With the light blue filter, the dust and lint can be easily spotted for removal. The pocket knob in the middle makes the filter easy to remove.

Door Easy to Open & Close

The spring of the front door can keep the door from closing.

Bench or Wall Mounting Rack (optional accessories)

Rinnai’s gas clothes dryers are suitable for bench or wall mounting. Rinnai Malaysia do provide the standing rack and wall bracket (sold separately).


Gas Consumption 4.65kw (4,000 kcal/h)
Power AC 240V (50Hz)
Power Consumption 250W (at standby, 0.2W)
Standard Drying Time
Gas Inlet Connection ø9.5 Hose end
Power Cord Length 1.5 meters
Product Weight
Product Size
(W x D x H) (cm)
65 x 64.1 x 68.4
Technical Diagram  


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