Plasma Filter

Touch Sensor


Plasma Fresh

Cleaner air in the kitchen.
Developed from state-of-the-art R&D, Plasma air purification technology eliminates 98% of odours, fumes, allergens and pollutants, ensuring your kitchen always stays clean and fresh.

Intelligent Purification: How it works

The process changes molecule composition by harnessing the power of electricity.
Comes with a CPU, it efficiently uses minute and safe amount of electricity to generate a voltage filed that electrically charges the molecules of pollutants.

These ionised fume particles are easily absorbed as the pass through the plasma filter and effectively deodorised by the activated carbon filter.
Purified air flows through the vents and back into the room as clean, fresh air.

Sensor Touch Control

Touch control is extremely easy to use and indicates speed, light and delay timer.

Delay Timer

The cooker hood will switch off automatically at a preset time, so you can proceed with your meal after cooking is done.
Meanwhile, it will continue to extract the oily fumes, leaving a clean kitchen without smoke or pungent smells.

Metal Grease Filter

An essential component that filters out grease, smoke and other airborne participles generated during cooking.
This filter with magnet is easy to take apart and clean.

Easy to Clean

With the plasma filter, the cooker hood doesn’t require frequent cleaning, making it hassle-free.
The simple outer design is also easy to clean.


Hood Type Island / Pendant
Suction Power
Extraction Mode Recirculation
Speed Settings 3
Filter Type Plasma Fresh
Oil Cup No
Control Panel Touch Sensor / Remote Control
Delay Timer Yes
Light LED
Ducting Hose N/A
Product Weight
Product Size
(W x D x H) (cm)
41 x 41 x 59-249
Package Weight
Package Size
(W x D x H) (cm)
Technical Diagram  


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